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Food & Beverage Warning in Beijing


Just like any city in the world, you can get food poisoning in Beijing. Many first time visitors to Beijing experience at least some slight stomach problems as they are not accustomed to the different spices and flavours used in Chinese cooking. Try to avoid street food and undercooked meat if you have a sensitive stomach.

Traveller’s diarrhoea is a quite common health concern for foreigners in Beijing. Symptoms include loose stools, stomach cramps, acute nausea, vomiting and a high fever. To avoid traveller’s diarrhoea, make sure all food is well cooked and hot before digestion. It is recommended you carry around an alcohol-based hand gel and wash your hands as regularly as possible. If you find yourself with a bad case of food poisoning, visit one of the chemists throughout Beijing. You should be able to get by with hand gestures and a basic level of Chinese from translation books to tell them what’s wrong. You can also ask someone at your hotel lobby to write down the problem. It is recommended you bring anti-diarrhoeal medication and charcoal tablets from home to be on the safe side. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids for rehydration. You should be as good as new after a few days of rest.


With so many bars and clubs in competition, Beijing’s nightlife has seen the introduction of fake alcohol made from who-knows-what in recent years. Not only are customers being blatantly deceived out of their money, but the health concerns are unknown. What is known is that it is sure to lead to a sore head and twisted stomach the next morning.

For those who wish to avoid the known and unknown side effects of Beijing’s problematic fake alcohol, it is best to bypass the ¥10 shooters and cheap mixed drinks on offer in the city’s popular clubbing areas of Sunlitun and Wudaokou. In these cheap dive bars it is probably best to stick to beer. There is no reason to rush yourself to the hospital if you suspect your drink to be ‘fake’, but be aware of any side effect you may experience in the next few hours.

You can also become quite sick from drinking the tap water in all areas of Beijing. Bottled water is cheap and can be found in every corner shop, supermarket, and grocer.





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