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Places to Live in Beijing


Beijing has seen a building boom in apartments and villas to meet the increased demand for real estate rental, due to the large influx of expatriates in the last decade. Expatriate housing can now be found in almost all parts of Beijing, but the focus is still on the eastern section, the downtown Chaoyang District, Dongcheng District and suburb Shunyi District.

Generally speaking, singles or couples prefer living in apartments close to their office, while families with young children may prefer the suburbs because the housing compounds are enclosed and children have more freedom to ride bikes and visit other neighbors, as well as proximity to more international schools.

Residential Areas

Chaoyang District

The fastest growing districts in Beijing Metropolitan Area, Chaoyang extends west to Chaoyangmen on the eastern 2nd Ring Road, and nearly as far east as the Ximazhuang toll station on the Jingtong Expressway. Within the urban area of Beijing, it occupies 475 km², making it the largest district. It has several subway lines running through, as well as the airport express rail to Beijing Capital Airport.

Except for those of Russia and Luxembourg, all foreign embassies to China are located in this district. Chaoyang has three embassy areas in the Sanlitun, Chaoyangmenwai and Liangmahe neighbourhoods. With the concentration of international companies and international schools, the district is one of the top choices of expatriates’ home.

Five-star hotels, world-class office skyscrapers and international shopping malls are concentrated in the CBD. Expatriates can find a wide selection of high-end apartments, serviced or non-serviced, offering exciting city living. The city centre is an ideal choice for expatriates who prefer to live in walking distance or within 10 minutes’ drive to offices.

Chaoyang Park is one of the most desirable residential areas in the district, due to its large green area and open space. High-quality properties have been developed with a “park-view” concept in the past few years. It is a perfect setting for expatriate families who prefer living in the city and yet away from the office crowds. Compounds to the east of Chaoyang Park are less expensive, yet more spacious.

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