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Beijing Immigration Information

Upon arrival

Health Check
On arrival, the first check you have to pass is the Quarantine Check. At the checkpoint, you will be required to show your visa and passport and fill in a Health Declaration Form. Anyone with listed diseases such as yellow fever, cholera, VD, leprosy, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis or AIDS will be prohibited. Those coming from areas with epidemics yellow fever must show their valid certificates of inoculation against this disease. Those with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting or rashes must declare this information accurately.

Frontier Inspection
During this procedure, you are required to fill in Entry Registration Cards, and present your passport, visa and quarantine certificates for inspection.

The frontier inspection station has the right to forbid the personnel with any of the following circumstances to enter China :

* Those who hold no exit-entry certificates
* Holders of invalid, false, altered exit-entry certificates
* Holders of other persons' certificates
* Those who refuse to receive the health check and the frontier inspection
* Those who fail to pass through the port specified
* Those who are forbidden to enter by the Ministry of Public Security of the State Council and the
* Ministry of State Security
* Those who are not permitted according to the Chinese laws and administrative regulations

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