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Climate in Beijing

The climate in Beijing is of the continental type, with cold dry winters, due to the Siberian air masses that move southward across the Mongolian Plateau. The summers are hot, owing to warm and humid monsoon winds from the southeast, bringing Beijing most of its annual precipitation. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -4 C; July is the warmest with an average of 26 C. Winter usually begins towards the end of October with cold, dry northwesterly winds. They sweep across Beijing until the end of March. The city is extremely dry in the winter and so moisturizers are a must during the cold months for both women and men.

Suits are worn throughout the year for normal business functions, but a short-sleeved shirt and slacks is acceptable for most social functions. There usually is a rapid change from spring to summer, usually marked by dust storms which sweep in off the Gobi desert. The summer months, June to August, are wet and hot with about 40% of the annual precipitation.


December to March
The average minimum temperature is -5 C and the average maximum is 0 C. However, the temperature can fall to as low as -20 C in the winter.

April to May
Temperatures average 20 C- 30 C. The capital is hit by major dust storms toward the end of the spring.

June to August
Temperatures average 26 C but can go as high as 40 C. These are normally the rainy months in Beijing .

September to November
Pleasant temperatures between 20 C- 30 C

Clothing in Beijing

The climate tends to dictate what you will wear. In summer, cool, casual clothing is the norm, and styles/fashions of all kinds are common. In winter, layering of clothes is recommended – long underwear, warm clothes, and heavy coats. For those unsure of what to bring, everything you need is readily available in Beijing ; and is probably cheaper than what you'd pay back home.





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